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Five must watch Basu Chattergee Classics


Themorning news took me to a reason for expressing my soulful tribute to the Great director Basu Chattergee. I prefer adding 'Great' instead of 'Late' with his name as I am a super fan of his films despite I am born in an year later than most of his films I look ve were released.
I feel the great film makers of that era were unfortunately deprived of the stardom they truly deserve. I mean, I told his demise to a friend and his reaction confirmed that he has never watched a Basu Chattergee film. I then hmmm the song thoda hai thode ki zarurat hai... and tagged that it belongs to my most favourite Basu Chattergee film.
Here I am listing five of Basu Da classics that are a real must watch for any Hindi cinema lover:

  • Khatta Meetha: With legend Ashok Kumar and Rakesh Roshan this film is going to involve you into the complex life of simple Parsi people in late 70s where Homi Mistry marries Nargis at an age when the children of both are supposed to get married. The movie beautifully reinforces the fact that Life is not money, it's love, it's family and it's the hope in disparity. Watch this with family and by the end you all would feel more connected than before.
  • Chhoti Si Baat: Amol Palekar's simplicity takes this film to the next level and makes it a must watch for anyone who feels he has everything but lack of diplomacy takes him down everywhere. The Anari man Arun becomes Khiladi with tricks taught by Col. J. N. W. Singh of Khandala. By the end of the film you would know how a simple man should  live in today's world.
  • Chameli Ki Shadi: This full of life Fe comedy would just take to the life of people in mid of 1980s when Indira Gandhi's policy wants upliftment of women but society is purely orthodox. Chameli Charandas fight the castist people in society with their love and help of Vakeel bhaiya (Amjad Khan) who will make you learn how to get things done specially in case of love.
  • Baton Baton me: The film has a simple storyline can is so artistically presented that you would feel every moment. There is mom worried about her daughter's marriage, there is girl who does not want to be over fashionable to attract boys. There is a boy who loves but can't manage his mother and also there are orthodox relatives to pull your leg all the time. The movie has peppi, moodlifting as well as sad numbers that will make you surrender to the imagination of the director.
  • Byomkesh bakshi: This is not a film but a 90s super DD national suspense series that is based on the novel of Sharadendu Bondopadhyay. The show was telecasted at a time people had less access to television and more to the books. Despite this you can find the real story depicted a little better than written as directed by Basu Da marvellously.

Films like, Shaukeen, Chitchor, Rajnigandha and Man Pasand have been reidealized by modern directors but if you watch them both you would see what makes people fall in love with Basu Chattergee classics.
"Na Jane kyun hota hai ye Zindagi ke sath.. achanak ye nan Kisi ke Jane ke bad..." a song from his film suits best at what I and all his fans might be indulging into this moment.
#RIP #legendsleverdieDisclaimer:    The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Any omissions or errors are the author's and Momspresso does not assume any liability or responsibility for them.
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