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Face Masks Are Harmful too.. Know The Right Way of Using Face Masks

So it's all opened up now and the lock down is finally over. Many people are busy condemning and praising the government for the sudden lockdown which was no doubt a hard time for all of us. But you see we are now under this #newnormal
I had also stepped out with my 15 months old little charm yesterday. I have also shared my experience of taking the baby out under these new normals in my last writing.
You can see street full of vehicles, traffic and all back to business now. Many people in my society are roaming outside like we have really come out of threat. I see them socializing and exchanging well being. The only thing that matters now is wearing a face mask. Wear it and your are good to go. Isn't it?
To be frank these masks are seriously less good and more harm for all of us. Here I'm listing down the most common harms of wearing face masks for its users:

  • Breathing trouble: Your face mask causes filtered air flowing in and out with a barrier that usually causes us to put extra effort in breathing. It's a risk to our breathing system which is not yet used to this kind of filtered air.
  • Less Oxygen for blood: Breathing through masks filters the air we intake and leaves less Oxygen for our blood which is not good for healthy living.
  • Less Oxygen for Brain: As it's less Oxygen for our blood, the brain is also deprived of its due share of oxygen for its efficient functioning.
  • Mental Irritation: Something on your face acting as a barrier to your usual breathing needs your brain put high attention on it making you less focused on your driving or any other work you do wearing a mask. People also face headache and stress after continuously putting on a face mask for longer than 3 hours.
  • Vision trouble: Those wearing spects face foggy vision due to the mask on face. Even those who are not wearing spects face stress on eyes being it's adjustable behind the ears as the veins taking blood to the eyes and back might get affected because of a mask on your face.
  • Skin Issues: Out in sun with a mask on face can make you look shabby due to tanning. Not just this, a loose fit mask is a bigger risk while tight fitting one is going to give you shabby marks on nose and cheeks.
  • More Risk less protection: How often do you take the mask off for talking to someone? Do you regularly keep touching or adjusting your face mask after wearing them? Your hands are not supposed to touch you anywhere let along your face are the prime source of infection spread are hands. When you touch you face for adjusting the mask, you are unknowingly increasing the risk of being a victim.

There are more studies going on for the possible harms of wearing face masks and the list might increase shortly.
Seems like some are under the risk of Covid 19 viruse while many are under the risk of wearing face masks.

Here things to keep in mind are:
  • We have not overcome Corona attack yet.
  • A face mask is just a little better than uncovered face and not a guarantee of your safety outside.
  • Face masks are not tailor made for your face it's sure to have fitting issues.
  • Face masks are not part of our regular attire, neither they can ever be.

Anyone using a face mask must be aware of the following things:
  • An ill fitting mask can cause serious harm.
  • If you face breathing trouble, giddiness, suffocation, vometting or headache after wearing a mask, you should take that off immediately as it can be serious alarm your body is giving and can cause even death.
  • Masks should be carefully taken off after getting inside a car or room.
  • A face nask, once used is not safe for next use untill well sanitized.
  • Children below 2 years of age should not be wearing face masks as their breathing function might cause serious risk.
  • Children between 2 to 12 years need supervision while using face masks.
  • The material out of which a face mask is made also has an impact on your skin.
  • Pregnant women should be careful while using mask.

Not just this, sanitizing hands very frequently also has several harms. Better we keep following social distancing and avoid going out untill really required.

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