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Let's Talk about Tea Today #internationalteaday

Imagine the world without tea. Is it not as good as before or do you find it not worth living? Congratulations, you are a gem of the huge group of tea lovers in this world.

How so much the time would have changed, Tea is the most preferred beverage of people around the world. In our country tea finds place in almost every social gathering. Someone's visiting us, do serve some tea. We are visiting someone, sure to be asked for tea at their house. Even marriages are fixed here on a date whe

n the girl serves to the boy and his family.

The virtues of Tea
Through various researches it has been proved that tea has various benefits for its consumers, such as;

  • Rich source of antioxidants
  • Source of refreshment to mind and body
  • Regulates blood sugar and blood pressure level
  • Rehydrates the body
  • Protects against various types of diseases.
In ayurveda too, tea is mentioned as one immunity booster as health lifting thing. Thus, the regular cup of tea is not just a taste charm, it has much to do with our health too.

Where had Tea Started from?
According to a cliche, a Chinese emperor who was regular in having warm water every morning had once been served water containing a few leaves in it, by chance only. The emperor found the taste more refreshing and soothing for him than plain water. Since then, the consumption of tea had started; that has no doubt turned into a culture today.
Tea plant is technically known as "Camellia Sinensis". The term Sinensis has a Chinese reinforcing it's Chinese origin.

Where and How Tea is Produced?
Tea can be produced anywhere by growing tea plant while the optimum temperature for its growth is between 10 to 30 degree centigrade. India is the second largest producer of tea in the world with maximum of tea bagans located in Assam where the optimum weather conditions prevail for its cultivation.
The cultivation of tea is very special of is kind. Call it an art as it needs selected Camellia leaves to be plucked very gently. This is supposed to be the most important part of tea cultivation known to only formal tea growers.
Women are believed to have the gentle hands in leaves to pluck them without harm. This is why we  notice Asamee women plucking tea leave from the gardens in their own special way.

Black Tea vs. Green Tea
In recent years, we have noticed the market of green tea been developed. It is marketed as much better version of tge regular tea that we have been consuming since years. Let's understand the difference in these two variants.
Tea from Camellia plant is originally green in colour that we can see in tea gardens and tea packs as well. But the regular tea that comes in packages to us is black due to the oxidation process of the tea leaves. The green leaves pass through withering, rolling and oxidation before being packed for us. On the other hand green tea leaves are dehydrated simply without any oxidation which prevents the green colour in it.
Nutrition wise, Green is little better as the natural antioxidants are preserved in it better than the Black tea which has to undergo rigorous processing to be ready for consumption. Although, black tea also has remarkable benefits in it. Additionally, there is a particular way of consuming green tea to avail maximum out of it, else it remains same as regular black tea.

Why Tea Day?
On 21 may we celebrate the international tea day, that is today. Some of you might confuse this day to be 15 December of the year which was correct untill now. Last year in December, on the recommendation of our country, the UN has changed the date for observation of tea day to May, 21. This was proposed and done keeping in mind that May is the most preferred harvesting season for Camellia Sinensis.
The purpose behind observing a day as tea day is to promote sustainable development in the tea production. Tea is said to make the countries rich but the people growing tea are still living under deprived conditions. The aim is to admire and uplifting the tea growers as if their insestors won't find a charm in it, we are gonna miss the perfect cup of tea in the coming years.

There are more than 1000 variants of tea being served to people across the world. It's prepared mixed with herbs and spices too. But mine is a pure love for the Kullad wali chai (tea in traditional clay pots). Which one is your favourite? Do share.Disclaimer:    The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Any omissions or errors are the author's and Momspresso does not assume any liability or responsibility for them.
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