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How To Live Happier?

As per a survey done over millennials asking them what their most important life goals were, most of them said that they wanted to get rich and famous. But is money the secret to the happiness? People say NO, money is certainly not the reason to bring happiness, but should we completely forget the cash? A few times, my wallet was stolen and this never made me happy. Even I was gloomy for days thinking about the cash loss. 

Then how we feel happy? How brain gives us the signals so as to make us feel happy? Happiness is a brain created phenomenon, undoubtedly, but what brain does is never straightforward or simple to understand. Science says there are things called "Happy Hormones" namely dopamine, endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin. Dopamine is mostly linked to happiness. So, if you want to feel happier you need to increase your dopamine levels. However, this is not that simple as it looks. The brain’s functioning is maddeningly complex. And something like "increase this chemical" is never going to be universally and reliably working.

The truth is, happiness is the very subjective term. The experience of happiness varies from person to person. There are N number of "secrets" or "keys" or "ways" to happiness, and barely any of them say the same thing. So many things can affect our happiness; our homes, jobs, friends, past, income, ambitions, relationships, health, age, and so much more. Some time back I got the chance to listen to a Ted Talk that was also about the same topic "What keeps us healthy and happy?". And as I started following the video, I found myself completely hooked on it. I also felt convinced about happiness creation that was explained the video.

Good relationships keep us happier.

How To Live Happier - Vibhu &  Me  We need enduring-intimate bonds in life. We need to feel like belonged and valued. And we need to feel like we can get support and when needed we can give support. Our healthy relationships contribute to all these thus making us feel happy. Anything we invest to deepen our relationship is something that makes us happier;  our time, energy or money. And we feel happier if we feel secure and connected with strings of relationships.

Three big lessons about happiness (from the Ted Talk) that I noted are:
  1. Our social connections are really good for us, and loneliness kills. 
  2. No matter how many friends we have, it's the quality of our close relationships that matter.
  3. Good relationships not only protect our bodies but our brains as well. 
People who are more socially connected to their family, to friends, to the community, are happier.  They stay physically healthier, their memories stay sharper, and they live longer. Saying this, it is not required to have smooth relationships always, without any conflict or argument. But as long as we feel that we could really count on the others when things are tough, those arguments do not take a toll on our memories. Good memories keep us happy longer Thus, the secret to happiness is good and healthy relationships of our lives. Our bonding with our family and friends keeps us healthy and happy longer.

But why this is so hard to believe and so easy to ignore? We are human. We always look for easy way out. Relationships are messy and complected. It is not always glamorous to give in for keeping these bonds alive. It never ends. But studies have proved that people who lived their lives best were the people who leaned in to relationships. There are many ways to achieve this. Replace screen time with talking to family members. Plan get-together often. Long walks, date nights, family celebrations, or reaching out the friend whom we have not talked for years, there are endless possibilities to keep our relationships going. We are responsible for relationships of our lives and for that matter our happiness. Please remember,

The good life is built with good relationships. Period.

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(This blog is based upon Ted Talk video "What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness". Complete credit to the speaker.)
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  1. Happiness is contagious and keep people around you happy. Nice post and informative. #BlogAMile #OpenNTalk

  2. Happiness is contagious and keep people around you happy. Nice post and informative. #BlogAMile #OpenNTalk

  3. What I believe is everytime you cant be happy because life is a sweet and bitter journey. But we can think about the happy moments, we can think about the positive sides of life. An optimistic person knows the way to be happy in life. I always feel myself blessed and happy because I have my all organs perfect, I have wonderful parents, supportive husband and my lifeline my son. I can eat what I want to, I can wear whatever I want to. I can live my life in my own way. Life has given me so many things and I have no regret.
    #OpeNTalk #BloggerBabes

  4. The pursuit of happ(y)ness has always been an intriguing and interesting topic. And yet, the elusive question remains---what can really make us happy?

    I agree with you when you say that harmonious interpersonal relationships make us feel content and satisfied. But I feel a happy relationship with the self comes before any other relationship.
    It is only when we are at peace with ourselves that we can give in our 100 percent to other relationships and to life.

    Your post made me reflect on a lot of things. Thank you! :)

    #CrossBorderSisters #OpenNTalk

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  6. Happiness is not that hard a task as it seems to be nowadays. It is just like people are searching it outside in the materialistic world. We need to just embrace the happiness all around that's it. Nice points. Thanks for sharing.
    - Anami from #InvincibleGang for #OpenNTalk

  7. So true Shipra happiness is often elusive but I have discovered the older we get , we are much closer to being happier because miraculously we realise what really matters. We also learn to be selfish for ourselves, and that works in our favour. Atleast I. my case I feel I am in a much better position now than I was a few years back as I know what I want from life. I do have my bad days but as yu rightly said its upto us to overcome then and embrace happiness #BloggerBabes

  8. Happiness is relative emotion. I feel what could cause happiness this instant may not be the same a few days later. The desire for happiness keeps changing each time or day. It all depends on how many desires we long or crave for and how many of them are satiated. If all our desires are satiated we might be happy. But not for long because then you would be wondering what is the next big thing that could make you happy. Well it is a state of being a state of our own mind at the end. Each one searches for his or her own happiness in various ways. #NISSATalks Sudha Krishnan

  9. I think its important to stay happy as that what makes yo move :) #BlogAMile

  10. Musings of a small town womanSunday, June 10, 2023 12:07:00 am

    So well said. And some of the recent events have shown that money is not everything; you can be happy with absolutely nothing.

    1. Musings of a small town womanSunday, June 10, 2023 12:08:00 am

      #BlogAMile Chaitali

  11. I agree Shipra. Relationships we have in our life matter the most. They can make us happy or leave us sad depending on what kind of relationship we have with others. #BloggingDivas #OpenNtalk

  12. What brings happiness to oneself may differ but relationships are valuable and happy relationships make life easy and happy. #CrossBorderSisters #OpenNTalk

  13. I agree with all the points you have highlighted. If only people can let go of their egos and expectations, they can have a very happy and healthy life.


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